Pedestrian Cross Striping

Pedestrian Cross Striping Machine

Striping Machine

Pedestrian cross striping machine is special equipment professionally used for paint zebra lines on the intersections or other busy road sections. Because of the characteristics of zebra cross, parallel stripes not long, the striping machine

is often small hand-guide road marking machine, convenient to turn direction. The widths of stripe are 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm. There is discrepancy between the engineer regulations in different countries. The marking shoe of pedestrian cross striping machine, which determines marking lines' width, is much wider than other pavement marking machines. Some simple marking shoe with wheels is also applied to deal the road striping.

Stripting Construction

Pedestrian Cross Striping
The section of road should be swept clean and kept dry. Pull a guiding line straight and fix the two ends on the ground. Then spray or brush a primer layer on the asphalt or concrete surface. The powder state thermoplastic paint needs melt into molten state for painting. Pull or push the striping machine with the guide rod along the guiding line to keep the zebra stripes straight and beautiful.

Generally, the hand-push road striper is backward coating and the self-propelled type is forward coating to conform the body force exert habit.

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