Road Restriping

Road Restriping

In etymology, restripe is equal to re- +‎ stripe       click for reference from wiktionary.

Many quality problems of marking lead to short-term service life of road marking machine. Some road lines appeared line traces blurring and film flaking,

even a month after construction. The thermoplastic marking has better wear resistance, only serve up to two years, in areas of large traffic flow is one-year life merely. So road restripe is a common road maintenance construction. However, when restriping, coincidence accuracy of the new line and the old line is low, which often caused road markings confusion, not comply with the relevant regulations. Sprayed marking lines are not clear, clean, and far from the highway beautification. Therefore, road restripe has been a technical challenge in road marking construction

Usual Road Restripe

Road RestripingBecause the original old marking line has a certain thickness, it will cause line edge flow easily if screeding paint coating on the old line. Besides, the new paint coating is not adhesive to old line marking strongly, leading to poor reflective effect of marking lines for glass beads falling off. In order to guarantee the quality of marking, the old line was usually removed and cleared during the restriping construction. The construction efficiency is quite low and construction cost is high.

Due to it requires a high degree of overlap of the new marking line and the old line in order to ensure quality and beautiful markings during road restriping. To ensure accuracy, it is common to use hand push road marking machine and hand-held self propelled marking machine. The Operator control the marking machine slowly going forward to control markings coincide. However, this construction method is not only inefficient, but also cost large labor intensity and mental concentration, but also requires great skills of the machine operator.

Intelligent Control Restriping

Manual control restriping on old line, is difficult to meet the requirements of marking, and increase the labor intensity of machine operator. Equipped with the advanced PLC microelectronic control system, road marking machine is fully intelligent. The PLC control system can be freely programmed and automatically set road marking parameters and construction distance, and it can wholly control the marking construction automatically. This intelligent control system can convert driving speed of the vehicle into an electric signal, then input to the controller. The controller then set the length proportion to the marking request. Optical-electric signal compatible with the digital controller, control automatic spray gun work by parameter set in advance, drawing out the ideal marking line. When repeat marking on the old line, put the road striping machine at the beginning of the old line, set the original parameters and ratio of the old pavement line, then the road striper can coat a new paint film on the original old line. The error ratio is less than 1%.

Intelligent control restriping is precise and unity, and the operation is not only simple, but also reduces the operator's labor intensity and technical requirements. PLC control system enable the road marking machines automatic control paint spraying in the whole marking work once setting line parameters when starting work., reduced the impact of human factors, significantly improved the quality of markings and construction efficiency. Intelligent control restripe solves a major problem of road marking construction!

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