Road Markings Removal Machine

Road Markings Removal Machine-DY-BR

Road Markings Removal Machine is also called road surface removal, road marking cleaner, road markings milling machine, etc.

Pavement markings removal is often done by road milling machine. Small road surface milling machine is mainly used for:

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Road Marking Control System

PLC control system of road marking machine

Control system is the core part and key technologies of road marking machine.

Some road lining machine was equipped with manual control system, the machine operator need more tension and pay more labor work. The road marking accuracy is difficult to be mastered.

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Paint Tank

The paint tank of road marking machine is know as a tank to contain road marking paint. It is often cold rolled, anti-oxidant steel tank. It was equipped with stirring device inside, such as horizontal hydraulic type, erect leaf type, hand stirring type or pneumatic type. The tank interlayer was filled with high-tech thermal insulation material.

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Marking Shoe

marking shoe of screeding type road marking machine

The marking shoe, in structure is a stainless steel box with a long handlebar. It was usually equipped as a component on the screeding type road marking machine. Good material chose for making marking shoe is stamped aluminum steel, with high fire resistance, oxidation resistance and deformation resistance.

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