Road Marking Machine

driving type road marking machine

Road marking machine is one kind of road construction machine widely used in urban roads, highway, parking lots, and squares, which may mark different lines to restrain, guide and warning people. These marking machines are also used to marking lines on the old traffic lanes.


Road Marking machines generally have marking paint (melt) tanks, marking shoes, the controller, the guide rods, and in accordance with the sitting needs some are equipped with various sits or booster carrier.

Classification and types

According to the applicable marking paint, road marking machines are divided into 3 categories, thermoplastic type, cold paint type and two-component type marking machine.

According to the size of marking construction project, road painting equipment has large model and small model correspondingly. Such as large driving type marking car, small hand-pushed marking machine and truck mounted vehicle type.

1. Driving type marking machine, the machine with power, drive, steering and control system, driven by a professional operator marking machine and control its operation. Driving-type (with sizes of large, medium and small) and vehicle mounted type marking machines are generally used for long-distance continuity marking projects.

2. Hand push self-propelled road marking machine: hand push form, mechanical drive unit, self-propelled walking, do not need artificial help, applied to large and medium-sized, vehicle operation inconvenience excursions construction, smart and easy to operate.

road marking machine

3. Hand push marking machine: hand push form of artificial push rotary skating device requires the help of human walking, used in small projects, short-distance road line construction, flexible in operation and transfer. However, it can realize driving function once equipped with booster, improving construction efficiency. 

4. Truck mounted road marking machine: the marking machine can rely on motor vehicles as the carrier, comes with the engine to work independently, easy loading and unloading, applied to large-scale projects, long distance road marking construction, high efficiency and stability.

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