Spraying Nozzle

spray nozzle of road marking machine

Spraying nozzle is the paint or glass outlet in the spraying gun of spraying type road marking machine.

Bright and complete road markings can give a driver with good reflexes, and can effectively reduce the accidents and improve transportation efficiency. According to a foreign statistics, the relating rate of road signs and traffic accident is 70%, and the transport efficiency is improved by 30% because of road signs. At the same time, the road marking made cities and roads a vibrant scene, beautified cities and roads, made them lively and rhythmic.

Therefore, road marking brought people huge convenient in the normal work and life, at the same time, it also puts forward strict requirements on the marking car. To get good and stable performance of a marking car, as the core focus of car, the nozzle should be a key point to be considered. It is an important part that affected (spray type) road marking machine’s working efficiency (painting quality) and material consumption (spraying flow). To get bright, neat, beautiful road lines, the structure, applied features, atomization quality and uniformity of the spraying nozzle, shall be reasonably and comprehensively considered.

spray nozzle of road marking machine spray nozzle of road marking machine

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