Marking Shoe

marking shoe of screeding type road marking machine

The marking shoe, in structure is a stainless steel box with a long handlebar. It was usually equipped as a component on the screeding type road marking machine. Good material chose for making marking shoe is stamped aluminum steel, with high fire resistance, oxidation resistance and deformation resistance. The bottom plinth is special screeding structure, and the floor knife adopts hard tungsten knife head. Precision technique was applied to ensure sensibility, abrasion proof and firmness of the marking shoe, and further more to ensure the marking line straight, neat and uniform.

The standard width configuration of the marking shoe is 150mm (as the international standard).

Considering use of the road marking machine in other places, such as highway, zebra crossing, parking lot, housing estate, school, the width of the marking shoe can be customized according to customers' needs.

marking shoe of screeding type road marking machine

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