Road Marking Control System

PLC control system of road marking machine

Control system is the core part and key technologies of road marking machine.

Some road lining machine was equipped with manual control system, the machine operator need more tension and pay more labor work. The road marking accuracy is difficult to be mastered. The operators need to entirely rely on experience of pavement marking work to draw pavement markings meet the requirements.

PLC is short for Programmable Logic Controller, a microelectronic control system. DY-BSAL road marking machine adopts the advanced PLC microelectronic control system, ensuring marking machine fully intelligent. The intelligent control system can be freely programmed and automatically set single solid line and double solid line, dashed line, etc. For screeding type marking machine as DY-SPTC, self-propelled hand-held convex line marking machine, with the PLC intelligent controller, operator can choose line patterns freely according to the needs of customers, and set number, length, height and pitch of the bumps.

PLC control system of road marking machine

This intelligent control system can convert driving speed of the vehicle into an electric signal, then input to the controller. The controller can set the length proportion of the marking line to request. Optical-electric signal compatible with the digital controller, control automatic gun work by set parameter, drawing out marking line with the ideal requirements. PLC control system enable the road marking machines automatic control paint spraying in the whole marking work once setting line parameters when starting work., reduced the impact of human factors, significantly improved the quality of markings.

When repeat marking on the old line, put the road striping machine at the beginning of the old line, set the original parameters and ratio of the old pavement line, then the road striper can coat a new paint film on the original old line. The error ratio is less than 1%.

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