Road Markings Removal Machine

Road Markings Removal Machine-DY-BR

Road Markings Removal Machine is also called road surface removal, road marking cleaner, road markings milling machine, etc.

Pavement markings removal is often done by road milling machine. Small road surface milling machine is mainly used for:
1. Remove the protrusions on the concrete, asphalt roads or epoxy, wear pavement surface.
2. Remove road surface coatings, paint films, various road markings and stubborn dirt.

There are many models and configurations of small milling machine, essentially determined by milling width. Common width of small road marking removal machines currently on the market are 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and 350mm. DY-RMR dayu road marking removal machine can move forward, backward, left, right freely and swing operation. Grinding and removal width is up to about 620mm when left-right horizontally operated, and 180mm lengthways operated.

Power configuration can be equipped with gasoline engines and electric motor, and the electric motor is often cheaper. Meanwhile, the rotating speed of electric motor is lower, for example, 2-pole motors up to 2800 rpm, by contrast, speed of the gasoline engine is up to 3600 rpm. So the effect of electric marking removal is not ideal as gasoline engine type. Road markings removal machine is just used for clear off road markings, oil dirt and grinding cement protrusions. Six-horsepower gasoline engine is sufficient. DY-RMR pavement marking removal machine was equipped with 6.0 HP Kohler or 6.0 HP Briggs gasoline engine.

Blades of road milling machine are wearing parts. So, the removal blades are commonly carbide blades (5 teeth, 6 teeth, 8 teeth, etc.). Tooth head of blades are hard tungsten alloys. DY-RMR road marking removal machine adopts imported tungsten alloy head, 24 teeth type for removing hot melt marking and 48 tooth type for clearing room temperature road marking.

As for the problem of dust, small milling machines is set a vacuum dust collector joint, the user can equip the industrial vacuum cleaner optionally. The dust collector joint diameter of dayu road marking removal machine is 76 mm.

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