Convex Vibration Road Marking Paint

Convex and vibration road marking paint

Convex type reflective vibration marking is a new product researched and developed based on improving traffic safety at night and rainy days, by improving the wet weather visibility of the marking, to reduce traffic accidents. The surface of this paint coating was distributed and scattered with high refractive index glass beads.

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In order to improve adhesion of the road surface and the coating paint, a layer of primer should sprayed on the road. Primer is made of synthetic resin, a plasticizer and aromatic solvent composition. Primer should be applied with different selection based on different types of pavement materials.

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Reflective Glass Beads

reflective glass beads used in road marking lines

Glass bead is a colorless, transparent pellet, with refraction of light, and light focus, and directional reflection function. The glass beads were mixed with or spreading

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Road Marking Paint

Road marking paint-marking lines

Road marking paint is a kind of chemical coatings specially used to marking and painting road traffic signs and lines. According to the construction process

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