In order to improve adhesion of the road surface and the coating paint, a layer of primer should sprayed on the road. Primer is made of synthetic resin, a plasticizer and aromatic solvent composition. Primer should be applied with different selection based on different types of pavement materials.

According to road conditions and primer properties, primer is generally applied 150g ~ 200g per square meter. Too much or too little amount of primer applied will reduce the adhesion between road surface and the coating. Only when the primer layer does not stick tires, dust, or sand, the marking coating operations can be performed. The process of spraying primer is so important that determined the road lines quality.

The compositions of primer include 20%~30% synthetic resin, 60%~80% solvent and 2%~5% additive agent.

Precautions of primer:

1. Beware of fire and store the primer in place dry and cool.

2. Prevent primer splash in the eyes or on the skin.

3. Do not mix with primer of other type.

4. The coating amount is150-200g / m².

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Primer sprayer

Primer Sprayer is a machine to evenly spray the primer on the ground, to enhance the adhesion of paint and ground. It is an auxiliary machine for road lines marking.

DY-PS primer sprayer DY-PS primer sprayer

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