Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

thermoplastic paint screeding marking

Thermoplastic road marking paint is mainly composed of petroleum resin ( or synthetic resin), glass beads, colored pigments, timber fillers, and other additives. The hot-melt coating is with fast drying character for the thermoplastic characteristics of petroleum resin and synthetic resin. The melt adhesion of petroleum and synthetic resin makes hot-melt paint a strong adhesive with the road surface. Additives in the coating paint increases the coating plasticity, improving the anti-settling, anti-pollution, anti-tarnish. Marking paint colors mainly are yellow and white.

The white marking paint mainly contains titanium white, zinc oxide, lithopone, while the yellow paint is mainly heat-yellowing lead. And the filling materials of road paint can affect the mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and hue of the coating film. Particle size of the paint powder will have influence of the flow, sedimentation and also affected the surface processing.

To improve the identification at night, and improve brightness and durability of the marking, glass beads were added in the paint coating. Glass bead is a colorless, transparent pellet, with refraction of light, and light focus, and directional reflection function. The glass beads were mixed with or spreading on the surface of the coatings, can reflect the light back to the car driver's eyes, thus greatly improving the visibility of the markings.

Construction of thermoplastic road marking paint

Hot melt road marking paint is solid powder at room temperature. In construction, the thermoplastic paint was put into a melting kettle called thermoplastic pre-heater, to mix and melt into the molten flow state. Then the melt paint was transferred into the paint tank of hand-push marking car, and then the molten coating will be introduced into the marking bucket and the material insulated remains molten. When the marking work starts, the marking bucket should be on the road surface. Because there is a certain gap between marking shoe and the ground, when the marking car was pulled forward, by automatically flowing, a neat marking lines was scraped out, glass beads sow can automatically evenly spreading a layer of reflective glass beads on the coating lines. The gap of marking shoe controlled the thickness of the coating, and was not depended on walking speed of the hand push road marking machine.

thermoplastic road marking paint

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